Arts and Craft Classes

Summer 2021
In person classes Summer 2021
In person classes starting Monday May 24th in Celbridge
Join us for a 4 week term of in person Celbridge art classes for children. All age group and class time details below.

Class 1 – Monday 24th May

Class 2 – Monday 31st May

NO CLASS Bank Holiday Monday

Class 3 – Monday 14th June

Class 4 – Monday 21st June

2.30 to 3.15pm Junior Art Class ~ 45 minute class for Junior and Senior Infants

3.40 - 4.40pm - 1st class to 6th class

5.00-6.00pm - 3rd class upwards

From €60/child with €5 sibling discounts

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Check out our range of free and pre recorded online classes below 



Winter Term of Classes

Due to the Level 5 Lockdown introduced in Ireland in October 2020 all in person classes are paused until early December.

We will be running an online term of classes on Wednesday afternoons starting early November.

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celbridge art classes with the craft corner



straffan arts and craft classes with the craft corner


Returning Spring 2021

Check out our current sewing classes for children in Co. Kildare. –

sewing classes for children with the craft corner


A child’s imagination is a precious thing. It should be nurtured and encouraged and allowed to blossom. At the craft corner, giving our students time to use their OWN imagination is key. It is not about all the projects being perfect, but more importantly about our students using that imagination to come up with their own ideas. To create an artwork that is THEIRS is the best result you can ever have.

Process not Results

A key skill we work on instilling in all our art students is that its not about the end result. Children often put too much focus on what their art will look like. They get worried about it not looking right or being perfect. Here at the craft corner we teach children that its more important to enjoy the PROCESS. To enjoy creating the artwork. We teach that no two artworks are ever the same and that there is no perfect result.

Art is fun

Teaching children a love of art should start at a young age. Helping to make fine art feel accessible is a really important part of that. Art in galleries can sometimes feel stuffy or hard to understand. Taking that barrier away starts with a story. Tell the story behind the artwork, break down the skills of how it was created and teach children how to make their own. The 3 keys steps in making traditional art accessible to all.

Problem Solving

One of the key reasons that we mix craft with art in our classes is to teach problem solving skills. Craft, the ability to think in 3D, teaches you essential problem solving skills. We teach about fine art through craft projects that combine construction skills with art. Figuring out how to turn an idea into a reality, to create something physical, is not only great for your creativity but also for your child’s confidence. A skill for life.