Botanical Wreath Painting Class


Online watercolour painting class learning how to draw and paint your own botanical wreath. Ages 10+

Wednesday 7th April 3.00pm, 1 hour 30 minutes long with a a break half way through

More details below. Please note you must attend this class live, no recordings available.

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Botanical Wreath Painting Class

An online Easter sewing class. We will be learning to sew various Easter decorations from Easter eggs to Easter bunny rabbits.

Class is 1 hour 30 minutes long with a 10 minute break half way through.

Students must attend live. There are no recordings of the class.

What age is this class suitable for?

Students age 10 and upwards in general but it depends on the painting skill of the participants.

Watercolour Paper or heavy white paper x 2 A4 sheets
Plain white paper
Watercolour Paints
Paint brush, thin and thick
Water pot, palette (or plate) to mix
Cloth, spare water
masking tape (or washi tape)
Soft drawing pencil, eraser and sharpener


One payment is valid for several children once they are all accessing the class through the one screen.