Online Nature Weaving Class Ages 9+


Live nature weaving class online through zoom. This class is suitable for children age 9 and upwards to do solo or younger children can attend if there is an adult or older sibling on hand to help them out with certain parts of the project.

Learn to play and weave with nature.

Approx 45 minute class (schedule in 1 hour)

Material list in the description below


Please read the terms and conditions below as by purchasing this class you are agreeing to these T&C’s 

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Online Nature Weaving Class

This nature weaving project is a wonderful rainy day project. We will learn the basics of weaving, how to create a nature artwork using just wool and sticks. This class is for older children however students younger than 9 can attend if they have an adult or older sibling on hand to help them along

And because its through zoom you can attend this class anywhere in the world.


4 straight sticks, you can use bamboo sticks or sticks that you would pick up on your daily walk. Make sure they are relatively straight and strong enough that they wont snap.

You will need two for your project and then I recommend having a couple spare just in case one breaks

Wool – lots of balls of wool remnants. Big balls of wool if you have them but this is a great project for scraps.

You can also use material scraps if you dont have wool. So you can cut up clothes into strips and use them too.


Paint – optional to decorate the parts of your sticks not covered by wool


Live group zoom classes hosted by Vanessa from The Craft Corner

Maximum of 15 children per group class.

Classes will be approximately 45 minutes to an hour long. Some children will finish earlier than others.

Tips for a better class experience 

Make sure that you are in a quiet room, no doors or windows open to outside noise, and as little through traffic as possible.

If it is your first time using zoom, test it out beforehand, make sure you have the app downloaded.

If possible use a larger screen like a tablet or a laptop, but a phone will also work.

When I am teaching, double tap (or right click and select pin my screen) to make sure that you are seeing me in large format.

Make sure you have all your materials ready to go – the list will be sent out before the class starts.

Class Terms and Conditions: 

No photos to be taken during the class, you can of course take photos of your own artwork and we will sometimes do a group artwork shot at the end of the class showing the artwork only (no faces)

Do not share the meeting ID and password with anyone else

When I am teaching the class I will ask everyone to mute themselves and if you have  a question you can type it in the group chat and I can unmute you. Please DO NOT leave your microphone on during the class.


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Class Time

Friday 29/5 3pm

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