Friday Summer Memories Notebook Live Class


Missed the live class? You can still purchase the recorded version here

Learn to make a notebook live class this Friday morning. The second class in our summer memories series. And with a special lockdown price of just €3 per family.

Approx 30 minute class

Suitable for kids to make by themselves from age 7+ or with adult help for younger artists.

Material list in the description below


Please read the terms and conditions below as by purchasing this class you are agreeing to these T&C’s 

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Join us on Friday the 14th at 10.30am for another live workshop.

We will be learning how to make a summer memories notebook with The Craft Corner.

I am launching this class at a special price as I think we could all do with some cheering up this week. I know I could! Kildare has gone back into lock down, I had to cancel all my camps and events and the plans I had for August all have to be rejigged. And I think it goes without saying that people are finding it tough. Especially I would say if you have little ones inside. But I also think its really important to find the silver linings, celebrate the small wins, appreciate the moments of joy. And that is why I want all my students to make this summer memories notebook. To remember all the fun things they have done this summer. And in the process to remind you as parents too!

Also it’ll keep them busy for a little while too 😉



Approx 10 A4 sheets white paper – plain copy paper is fine

Thin card, like that from a cereal box or even the back of a birthday card.

Scissors, Ruler, Pencil.

Hole Punch – Either a single hole punch of the double hole punch like you would use in an office. Both are in the main photo for refrence.

String or twine (ribbon will also do). About 30-4ocm

A few bull dog clips or paper clips (or timber pegs will also work)

Markers or Colouring Pencils


Live group zoom classes hosted by Vanessa from The Craft Corner

Maximum of 25 children per group class.

Classes will be approximately 30 minutes

Tips for a better class experience 

Make sure that you are in a quiet room, no doors or windows open to outside noise, and as little through traffic as possible.

If it is your first time using zoom, test it out beforehand, make sure you have the app downloaded.

If possible use a larger screen like a tablet or a laptop, but a phone will also work.

When I am teaching, double tap (or right click and select pin my screen) to make sure that you are seeing me in large format.

Make sure you have all your materials ready to go – the list will be sent out before the class starts.

Class Terms and Conditions: 

No photos to be taken during the class, you can of course take photos of your own artwork and we will sometimes do a group artwork shot at the end of the class showing the artwork only (no faces)

Do not share the meeting ID and password with anyone else

When I am teaching the class I will ask everyone to mute themselves and if you have  a question you can type it in the group chat and I can unmute you. Please DO NOT leave your microphone on during the class.


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