Straffan Summer Camp

Straffan Summer Camp

Creative summer camps with the craft corner. Straffan is the home to our after school arts and craft classes so it is always great fun to hold our summer camps here too.

Our Straffan summer camp will take place from the 19th to the 23rd August 2019.

Our art camps are suitable for ages 5 to 11 (see our teen camp here) All camps are 5 days, Monday to Friday. Starting at 10am and finishing up at 2pm each day.

Each of our summer camps is packed full of creative projects. From 3D world building to making art journals and playing with paint. We have craft experiments each week, with plenty of time left to do individual craft projects.

string art painting experiments at our straffan summer camps

We have students return year after year to our summer camps, we pride ourselves on our personal touch and that is one of the reasons why we choose to keep the numbers low in our camps. By doing this we can make sure that every child gets individual attention and nobody is ever left out or forgotten.

We start our week with some fun crafty games to break the ice. And we have some really cool, new art games planned for this summer. Throughout each day we split our time between different types of projects. From solo drawing to interactive group work.

Creativity is so important for children. Not only does it help them with their confidence and self worth but it is such an integral part of their life learning. The skills that you learn through arts and craft help you in so many aspects of your life. From childhood right into adulthood. Craft teaches you problem solving skills, how to think through a problem and figure out your own solution.

We always say that there is no wrong answer in our classes just another way of doing things

If you are still not sure if a Craft Corner summer camp is for you why not check out what other parents have said about our camps and classes

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