Summer Arts & Craft Camps 2020

Summer Arts and Craft Camps

 I would highly recommend this Art & Crafts Camp! Vanessa is just amazing and my kids absolutely loved it! It was the first time my daughter did a camp and she settled in so well! They had so much fun and were so happy going in and delighted coming home with their creations! They still talk about the camp! I will definitely be sending them again! Thank you Vanessa x – May Phillips

Information on Summer Camps for 2020

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[dt_sc_hr_invisible /][dt_sc_clear /][dt_sc_h2 type=”type1″ class=””]Last Years Summer Camps[/dt_sc_h2] [dt_sc_hr_invisible /][dt_sc_one_fourth first][dt_sc_icon_box_colored title=”Castletown House Week 1″ image=”https://www.thecraftcorner.ie/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/Castletown-8-to-12th-July-summer-camp-sld-out.jpg” variation=”mustard”]

Location: Castletown House, Celbridge
8th – 12th July SOLD OUT

[/dt_sc_icon_box_colored][/dt_sc_one_fourth][dt_sc_one_fourth ][dt_sc_icon_box_colored title=”NKETS Celbridge” image=”https://www.thecraftcorner.ie/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/nkets-summer-art-camp-sold-out.jpg” variation=”green”]

Location: NKETS, Celbridge
15th – 19th July SOLD OUT

[/dt_sc_icon_box_colored][/dt_sc_one_fourth][dt_sc_one_fourth ][dt_sc_icon_box_colored title=”BNS, Maynooth” image=”https://www.thecraftcorner.ie/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/maynooth-summer-camp-sold-out-with-the-craft-corner.jpg” variation=”blue”]

Location: St. Marys BNS Maynooth SOLD OUT
22nd – 26th July

[/dt_sc_icon_box_colored][/dt_sc_one_fourth][dt_sc_one_fourth ][dt_sc_icon_box_colored title=”Naas” image=”https://www.thecraftcorner.ie/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/st-davids-naas-summer-arts-and-craft-camp-with-the-craft-corner-2019-1.jpg” variation=”red”]

Location: St. Davids School, Pipers Hill
29th July – 2nd August

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Location: Castletown House, Celbridge
12th – 16th August

[/dt_sc_icon_box_colored][/dt_sc_one_fourth][dt_sc_one_fourth ][dt_sc_icon_box_colored title=”Castletown Week 2″ image=”https://www.thecraftcorner.ie/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/castletown-august-camp-sold-out.jpg” variation=”pale pink”]

Location: Castletown House, Celbridge
12th – 16th August SOLD OUT

[/dt_sc_icon_box_colored][/dt_sc_one_fourth][dt_sc_one_fourth ][dt_sc_icon_box_colored title=”Straffan” image=”https://www.thecraftcorner.ie/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/straffan-summer-camp-arts-and-crafts-2019-19th-to-23rd-august.jpg” variation=”turquoise”]

Location: Straffan National School
19th – 23rd August

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SOLD OUT 8th to 12th July – Castletown House, Celbridge
SOLD OUT 15th to 19th July – Educate Together School, Celbridge
SOLD OUT 22nd to 26th July – Maynooth Boys School, Moyglare Road
29th July to 2nd August – St Davids School, Naas
SOLD OUT 12th – 16th August – Castletown House, Celbridge 
19th to 23rd August – Straffan School

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Our summer arts and craft camps are all 5 days long from 10am to 2pm each day. Suitable for children age 5 to 12

Teen Camps

We will be running ONE teen camp in August in The Stable Block, Castletown House.

More information HERE

Monday the 12th August to Thursday the 15th August starting at 3pm each day and finishing at 5.30pm

 [dt_sc_toggle title=”COST, TIMES and AGES”]
The Craft Corner summer camps cost €95/child and run from 10am to 2pm each day. Our craft camps are suitable for ages 5-11
[dt_sc_toggle title=”WHY CHOOSE OUR CAMPS”]
We pride ourselves on the personalised experiences of all our camps. We keep the numbers low so each child gets one to one teaching and learning experiences. Our camps are fantastic for kids who might find a bigger camp overwhelming. We have campers who return year after year, our camps sell out nearly every year and we fill each week with fun filled arts and crafts.
[dt_sc_toggle title=”WHAT WE DO AT ART CAMP”]
At our summer camps we explore many different types of arts and crafts. We normally have three or four main projects that we work on over the course of the week, through which we learn about painting, colour, materiality, famous artists, 3D building and using our imagination. We always leave time for free crafting as we believe that the skills children learn from exploring their own imagination and ideas are key building blocks in improving confidence, problem solving skills and an ability to think outside the box.
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Bookings are open now here

[dt_sc_testimonial name=”Grainne Alexander” role=”Summer Camp Parent” rating=”5″ class=”” image=”https://www.thecraftcorner.ie/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/Stencilling-with-cardboard-templates-18.jpg”]
Both our children attended the camps – a girl aged 11 and a boy aged 8. They thoroughly enjoyed the activities amid the lovely atmosphere created by Vanessa. The crafts they made used plenty of skills and creativity and they got great satisfaction from the end results. The camps are highly recommended.

[/dt_sc_testimonial][dt_sc_testimonial name=”Caroline Greene” role=”Summer Camp Parent” rating=”5″ class=”” image=”https://www.thecraftcorner.ie/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/3D-Trees-1.jpg”]
The Craft Corner summer camp was a big hit in our house, every day brought new crafty projects and kept budding artists busy! We have tried other craft camps but this one really allowed the child to be creative in their own way and hit the right note for 5 to 8 year olds

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